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Join our amazing online live events. Promote your brand and sell your products online ... with Cheshire Socialites Network.

With a combined audience of over 50k including database, members and followers be seen online on our Cheshire Socialites Facebook Network Group.

There’s options to have a guest slot, weekly, fortnightly or a series to get the word out and showcase your brand or sell products linked to your shop or website, shout about something new or announce exciting changes fast on our platform. The reviews are too good to ignore. Get involved now!

If live events aren’t your thing or you prefer interview style, we also have this option which will include pre interview chat, your brief and what you're trying to achieve. The interview can be prerecorded or live streamed to either our Facebook platforms or our YouTube channel, Cheshire Socialites TV and can be used afterwards for your promotion.

We also have our interactive events; come and collaborate with us, use our platform and database to invite guests to join you on Zoom. Participants will pay a ticket fee which would include any kit or pack they need at home to be able to interact and join in the event. This ensures your stock is paid for. They would receive a link with password to join once booked on. Anything from beauty treatments, tastings and food and wine. The possibilities are endless. (Ask us for more details, our set up fee or to book onto the diary - interactive events are currently running Sunday’s).

Wherever you’re based; UK or internationally, you can use our platforms to shine and tell Cheshire all about you and your brand !

Message us for our rate card or to book on.

Members and non members welcome. Viewers: free to watch unless otherwise stated.

Enquire or book your slots now !

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Upcoming Events

We’re leaders in hospitality and networking, offering unique and exciting events throughout Cheshire

The Big Quiz Networking Evening

9th September 2021

Piccolino Restaurants, Bramhall, Cheshire
Join us for an informal, fun evening drinking wine, eating Italian food and joining in the big quiz…


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