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Joanna Scott-Aspray
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10 August 2017

NEON PT 3 day Juicing

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The Socialites swapped their champers for juices from NEON PT recently.

NEON PT are based on the outskirt of Alderley Edge and it's a little gem of a find. They have full PT services, gym on site and fresh juices and healthy snack bar, all made daily with an option of home delivery.

We started a 3 day juicing regime and if we're totally honest we were slightly apprehensive. We try to be healthy but with our lifestyles it's sometimes hard to keep on track. So we needed a detox and this was the ideal way to make a start.

We woke up to a juice delivery on our doorstep. All labelled up with instruction leaflet. Little Miss Bo was even excited to make a start (see pictured) so the first thing we thought was how convenient !

The regime is really simple to follow, we had bottles with numbers on the top. You're instructed which juice to drink at what time of day. If you're feeling hungry at any time we were advised to cook a chicken breast for dinner.

The million dollar question is how did we feel? We felt energised, more alert, happy and above all we didn't feel hunger except for day 3 when we had a chicken salad for dinner. It's totally convenient, the juices were really nice and to our surprise really tasty. There's 3 day and 5 day juicing detox regimes or you can drink juices in your daily lives as a healthy pick me up.

We'll be back for another detox soon.... when the champers runs dry darlings!

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