Joanna Scott-Aspray

Joanna Scott-Aspray
Events & Business Development in Cheshire & Manchester
15 March 2018

Our first of its kind "Lunch and Learn" Raw Food Workshop


Cheshire Socialites hosted their first Lunch and Learn Raw Food Workshop with Nicola Charnock who is qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition, Ashtanga Yoga and Sports Rehabilitation (BScHons).

The morning was spent learning about raw foods, what you should have on your plate, nutritional value, the benefits of non diary and anti inflammatory foods and making tasty food for all the family to try.

Nicola shared her knowledge and recipes and there were lots and lots of tastings and we all enjoyed sweet and savoury treats for lunch which had been made that very day, fresh and ready for our event.

How can something so good for you, taste so good too ? Recipes were sent out after the event too so you can try them at home.

We have more of these events planned for later on this year.

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