Business Banter Networking is part of the Cheshire Socialites™ family and we have a strong presence in Cheshire and surrounding areas. We meet once a month at different venues and businesses. It's an informal collaboration bringing like-minded people together in business, male and female, even if you're starting out, representing a company or have an established business. It's a great platform for all your networking and social needs.

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BB Networking and social events meet once a month generally early evenings and occasional morning events and always every third Wednesday of the month so it's easy for you to keep track. We keep our meetings informal, with occasional demos with interesting and informal topics and talks. You can also showcase your business by request.

To compliment our meetings we also have an online Facebook group, Business Banter (Online). Its' audience is over 3,500 members to date for that page alone. Our other combined social media platforms total over 16k and is growing monthly.

All events are featured in our diary.

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